We Make

PaperSpree is proudly designed in Canada and made in India. A healthy collaboration for social good. Our gift bags, wraps, decorative boxes are made by pollution free methods, from 100% recycled handmade paper.

The TreeFree™ paper pulp is poured into a 22” x 30” deckle and pressed manually. The sheets are then hung and dried using natural sunlight available in abundance. These sheets undergo screen printing, embossing, dye-cutting, folding, gluing as per product design and size. Every stage of production is artistically handmade, machine free, made with heart. The manufacturing process makes the handmade paper highly tensile and has double-fold strength as compared to mill made paper. A fine and elegant quality product, that does not break or tear easily.

Our manufacturers undertake extensive quality assurance and practise standard safety norms at their production facilities. They have a good manufacturing and supply record of more than 10 years, mainly distributing in the USA to large foot fall chain stores.

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