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PaperSpree prides itself on crafting stunning paper that is made for a greater cause than a profit margin. All products are 100% natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable. The products made by PaperSpree are artisan-made and completely original. Heavy focus is used to ensure that through each and every step of production only recycled material are utilized. PaperSpree produces eco-friendly products that help the planet and inspire people.

Choosing PaperSpree means choosing handmade creations rather than mass produced designs. The artists dedicate themselves to producing new designs every season that are inventive and original. Each product has its own uniqueness that cannot be duplicated or unnoticed. Custom designs and branding services are offered to individuals, corporates, and the retail sector.


From production to distribution, PaperSpree works tirelessly to ensure that all products are made using environmentally sustainable materials. The goal is to ensure that the paper and leather are made from recycled material. Recycled paper products are made from cotton fabric waste, a by-product of the apparel industry. While recycled leather products are made with tannery waste salvaged from landfills. PaperSpree aims to help our environment through doing their part in making handmade products of the finest eco-friendly material. Not only does PaperSpree aid the environment, it also employs villagers, artisans, and build’s the community socioeconomic structure.


We strive to produce both recycled paper and leather. Our eco-friendly leather is less expensive and environmentally viable compared to real leather. Shredded leather scraps collected from tanneries and other manufacturers are treated with resin, glued with natural rubber and hand-rolled into sheets. Our recycled paper is biodegradable and superior to mill-made paper with double-fold strength. The artisans work with expert screen-printing, and construct the paper into beautifully designed paper products.


Visit our blog to feel immersed within the world of eco-friendly paper. From our extensive processes, to world class designs, we show you the inner workings of PaperSpree. We also share links to articles which inspire us.

Founded by Nandu and Abeda Oturkar, both fine artists whose roots lie in the Indian subcontinent, PaperSpree is a labour of love. Created to bring forth the best of handcrafted paper and leather products, in a wide range across multiple categories. Making aesthetics and sustainability accessible to all, with a twin focus on both the design and our planet.
Our creative team curates new designs every season and our in-house studio provides custom-made design and branding services to individuals, corporates, events and the retail sector.

Eco-friendly leather at affordable prices

The pre-consumer leather waste is what we use to create PaperSpree’s eco-friendly leather, making our product less expensive, and more environmentally conscious than its traditional counterparts.

Tree-free paper for greener planet

The handmade paper is made of recycled cotton fabric scraps, by pollution-free methods. The paper is of the finest quality, with natural texture, and no poly coating.