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PaperSpree brings you a range of eco-friendly handmade paper products making gift packaging safe for the planet. Each handmade paper product is creatively crafted by artisans using traditional techniques and screen printing design. The Ready-to-order handmade range is Gift Bags, Wrapping Papers, Gift Box, Wine Box and Notebooks. PaperSpree offers a library of print designs, shape and size to choose from.

For Made-to-order handmade product range we create customized Corporate and Personal Branding and incorporate Logo in the design. We work as per client requirements to give the brand a bigger advertising edge. PaperSpree designs and makes range of Diaries, Journals, Stationery, Store Bags, Gift Packs, Urns and Box for ornaments and memorabilia.

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We Designs

PaperSpree has a team of Creative Art Director and Designers, at our in-house design studio. We blend both, new generation and time tested traditional designs, in contemporary and ethnic styles. All our print designs are unique and are crafted aesthetically in various types of reproduction techniques like screen printing, embossing, flocking and more.

We promise to bring new range of designs and themes every season and are happy to work on client brief to make exclusive artwork for brands and special occasions.

PaperSpree in-house studio offers custom made design service, we are equipped to produce branding, stationery, packaging – let us put your logo on our wraps, bags and diaries.

PaperSpree is proudly designed in Canada and made in India. A healthy collaboration for social good. Our gift bags, wraps, decorative boxes are made by pollution free methods, from 100% recycled handmade paper.

The TreeFree™ paper pulp is poured into a 22” x 30” deckle and pressed manually. The sheets are then hung and dried using natural sunlight available in abundance. These sheets undergo screen printing, embossing, dye-cutting, folding, gluing as per product design and size. Every stage of production is artistically handmade, machine free, made with heart. The manufacturing process makes the handmade paper highly tensile and has double-fold strength as compared to mill made paper. A fine and elegant quality product, that does not break or tear easily.

Our manufacturers undertake extensive quality assurance and practise standard safety norms at their production facilities. They have a good manufacturing and supply record of more than 10 years, mainly distributing in the USA to large foot fall chain stores.

Nurturing artisans and planet alike

We care for the ecological footprint. Our handmade paper is absolutely tree-free and acid free sustaining a green planet. It is 100% recycled made from cotton fabric wastes, a by-product of the apparel industry.

Even today the paper is made by hand using traditional methods, just like Indian artisans have been making for generations. This handmade industry provides livelihood to villagers, including women and supports the communities socioeconomic structure.

PaperSpree is the option for a green lifestyle, helps consumers make “planet first” a priority. Today business is done with a larger premium placed on sustainability. Consumers expect companies to give back to their communities through resource conservation and negative impact reduction.

We follow the legacy of “Nurturing artisans and planet alike” , we assure you not a single tree is cut in making our handmade paper.

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